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Peacefully reading ~ by; Aoi Hiroyuki

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nosebleed parade

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frostiron sexytime

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SO,…. yes! I did a thing again, I yes, it’s an unpopular pairing, if not completely disturbing,… but then again when did LOKI ever have any issue with who,… what, he bed/mates with.? …..
hey?…. Hey?….. Right?… “Eh,heheheheee!”


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i’m about ninety eight percent sure he’d gut anyone who interrupted his reading.

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HERE IS MY AX TABLE LOCATION THIS WEEKEND, thanks sayonararolling for the map!!

i’m going to be in sort of a little square with my friends alice, kei and kura! didn’t have time to make much new merch other than dr (INCLUDING SPOILERS…) but i’m trying to pump out some snk stuff at least haha

also gonna do my best to get leftover merch/new buttons up for online sale afterward aaahhhhh

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so are we gonna do this every time loki gets his hair done

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Cartoon Thor and Loki, Thor 2 style! :D 

Just a color sketch. 

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So I heard that it’s Gen’s birthday today so I drew you a thing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL! *C* Hope you like my not so much as awesome gift! 

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