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I’m getting way too emotional over this song and Frostiron I s2g.

It’s not all of it, because this was suppose to be a quick thing and yet here I am at 4 something in the morning. Sleep is a myth kiddies!

Quick sidenote: Look it the fainting Loki and Tony in the second pic, I was cackling and singing “I need a hero” while drawing them, just so you know.


Sketch- here

Song- Florence + The Machine "Heavy in Your Arms"

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….and I’m still playing with this Satyr Loki theme as well u////////u

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there are things I want in Thor 2 and this is one of them

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Thor & Loki at the Dragon Boat Festival by Vellori! <3

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I had a dream I needed to walk Prince home from school through a little suburban neighborhood. We bumped into Thor carrying Loki over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

We pointed him to the nearest bus stop.

idk it was weird

here’s a doodle

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I don’t have my tablet here in my temporary residence, so I made this with the mouse and the line art layer.

tool: Sai.

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